Window Washing

Calgary's Finest

At Shiny Casa, we only employ the very friendliest, most professional experts as part of our premium home detailing service. That means that no matter when you schedule your appointment, you can rest assured that you'll get a prompt, punctual, and skilled employee, ready to deliver results.

Your Home, Your Schedule

We know that you live a busy, and demanding lifestyle. That's why we don't expect our customers to sit at home all day, waiting for us to arrive. Instead, you can simply choose the hour time slot that suits you on our booking schedule, and we'll be there on time to meet all your expectations.

Premium Service

Because we pride ourselves on being the best home detailing service in Calgary, we make sure that we're always up to date on the latest technologies and tools available in our trade. From top-of-the-range equipment, to exceptional skills, you get nothing but the best with Shiny Casa.

Professional Window Washing Service

Let the light into your home with Shiny Casa. Our expert window cleaners are on hand to help you make the most out of your property, with windows that offer that perfect diamond sparkle. Using the latest water purification technology, our professionals ensure a spot and streak-free shine, so you always get the ideal view.

There's no need to worry about complicated corners and hard to reach areas when you're working with Shiny Casa. Our top-of-the-range carbon fiber extension poles mean that we can make even the toughest windows shimmer in no time!

Your Local Window Cleaning Service

Windows can have a huge impact on the aesthetic appearance of your home. Whether you want to impress your neighbors, you're thinking of selling your real estate and you want it to look it's best, or you simply like having a pride-worthy property, our window washers can help.

Because glass is naturally porous, dirt that's allowed to accumulate over time can gradually begin to damage the surface, meaning that eventually, you may need to replace your entire window! The best way to make sure that your glass lasts for as long as possible, is to invest in regular window cleaning and maintenance.

Shiny Casa takes the stress out of caring for your windows, using simple and effective strategies to transform skylights, glass panels, French panes, double panes, and more!

Regular Window Cleaning

When you book your window cleaning session with Shiny Casa, you get access to a team of professional and friendly technicians that are always there on time to meet your schedule. We use tried, true, and proven methods to give you the best results, and leave your windows sparkling, time after time.

If you need a little help keeping your window maintenance schedule on track, we can help with that too. Using our simple online booking system, you can arrange for your windows to be professionally cleaned by Calgary's premium finishing team, months in advance.

Enjoy the comfort of knowing your windows are taken care of. Book your service today.


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